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How can I make money by selling art online?

Make money selling online art prints. Do you want to earn a commission by promoting our art prints? If you're an influencer, marketer, artist, or art lover, collector, dealer, gallery owner, interior designer, curator, art critic, art historian, museum professional, art teacher, art student looking to make a little extra, we may have a great opportunity for an affiliate partnership. Partner with us by selling our Art Prints & Framed Art Prints through affiliate links on your websites, content networks, blogging circles, link referral programs and any other heroic marketing efforts you have up your sleeve as the affiliate marketing ninja master! You know who you are.. We are offering a generous art affiliate program for selling our art prints online through your affiliate links. Read on for complete affiliate details and to apply on our portal. We are excited to announce the launch of our affiliate program, Fast Space Creation Affiliates. We are partnering with GoAffPro affiliate portal software and this portal will provides everything our affiliate marketers need for selling all of our original custom giclee art prints. The portal will provide links to all the products that you can promote on your own websites as well as other promotional material from graphics, text copy, images, coupons etc. We are providing a lengthy (4 weeks, 2 days) cookie expiration on all client referrals - this means return visitors who change their minds are still yours! Reporting on all of your transactions is provided in the portal console as is payout information and link tag tracking for each of your clients. All payment will be handled through PayPal (** PayPal address required).

Fast Space Creation Affiliates starting base sales commission is 13% **competitors selling art prints online offer about 8%, so this is an advantage for our art affiliates right out of the gate. In this affiliate program selling original custom giclee art prints, as an affiliate, you will earn a base commission of 13% on every sale you make through your tagged links. Use your own web properties (such as a personal blog or social media accounts) to market and sell our art products (each and every product affiliate link available in portal). The earning percentages will not stop there as we want to build a growing partnership and loyalty with each of our affiliates. Each affiliate is capable of reaching the following sales level commissions each month: Reach less than $3,000 in sales in a single month and your payout commission will be 13% Reach $3,000 or greater in sales in a single month and your payout commission will be 21%.

Reach $15,000 or greater in sales in a single month and your payout commission will be 34%. Sales volume levels reset every month. The more you sell the more you can earn! Join the Fast Space Creations affiliate team and start earning commissions on your art sales today!

We believe in providing a reason for momentum in your marketing efforts and so rewarding our top affiliates with this tiered commission structure is one way to reward your efforts. Please don't hesitate and sign up today to become an affiliate. Start earning commissions like these every month through content promotion and social networking. This affiliate program to sell art online is limited to available seating and subject to availability, so don't delay and contact us for partnership today by signing up now. May not be available later. Thank you and Happy Selling!


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