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Framed Art Print Shop

Frames, Mat Board, and Glass. Everything You Need For Framing Art Prints


Frames for Art Prints

Corporate Thin moulding measures 3/4" wide and is made from eco-friendly Bonanza Wood.  Corporate Thin series is perfect for an even and clean look and is the most affordable option available anywhere.

Corporate thin frames are complete and include a styrene glass panel. This panel is break resistant and great for shipping.

Acid-Free Matboard

Mat board is a type of backing board that is used in framing art prints and photographs. It is made from a thick, acid-free paper that is designed to protect the art print from damage caused by rubbing against the picture frame glass. In addition to providing protection, mat board also serves as an aesthetic element in a framed print. It creates a border around the art print, which can help to draw attention to the image and make it stand out. Mat board is available in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find a option that complements the art print and the overall design of a room.

Styrene glass

Comparable to plexiglass, styrene is relatively cheap and provides great benefits and is far more flexible and less brittle than glass or acrylic. All in all, while not the toughest glazing material available, styrene’s lightweight and shatter-resistance make it great for large frames and especially frames ordered online.

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