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A cherry orchard paradise with fields of pink and gold. For sure a semi-surreal abstract painting with bright colors and a stunning display of cherry blossoms at the height of Spring. 

Contrasted against the brighter hues of the fiery red and pink Cosmos-like flowers with the calming blue-green serene of the stream. A great place for a picnic and a nap in these cosmos fields and golden meadows. Jump into this painting, a perfect place for a picnic and nap!

Down below, a meadow of flowers
A tapestry of hues, for hours and hours
We could gaze upon their beauty, so fair
And lose ourselves in the sweet, perfumed air

But wait, there's more to this surreal scene
A stream, a ribbon of blue and green
It flows and glimmers, a peaceful sight
Inviting us to come and rest, to delight

In this paradise of cherry blossoms and flowers, a place where cares and worries cower, we could stay forever, and never grow tired.

Print sizes available:
10in. X 13in.
6in. X 8in.
5in. X 7in.

"Cherry Orchard Paradise"
Semisurrealism Landscape Art Print - limited release original art print.
Original art created in January 2023 by D. Christopher.

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Cherry Orchard Paradise, Landscape Art Print

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