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Abstract desert landscape art captures the essence of the Mojave Desert through the use of texture, color, and form. In this particular piece, a thunderclap desert mountain scene is depicted with small cacti and succulents scattered throughout.

he focal point of the piece is a huge thundercloud that has come over the mountain, with lightning illuminating the cacti in flashes of light. There is a sense of movement to the  composition.

Large cacti offer a sense of symmetry. The wide format of the art print, at 18 inches wide by 11 inches tall, allows for a more immersive experience for the viewer. The use of color is minimalistic, with a focus on earthy tones that are characteristic of the desert landscape.

This abstract desert landscape art captures the raw, untamed beauty of the Mojave Desert and is sure to be a striking addition to any art collection.

Print size: 18in. X 11in.

"Mojave Desert Thunderclap"
Abstract Landscape Art Print - limited release original art print.
Original art created in January 2023 by D. Christopher.

Landscape Scenery, Abstract Desert Wall Art, Wide Format art print

Mojave Desert Thunderclap, Abstract Landscape Print

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