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Experience the breathtaking beauty of this magical Mojave Desert with our stunning new art print.

This modern abstract desert landscape artwork captures the majesty of the mountains and cacti at the same time as they inhabit this unique landscape in unity and tranquility.

The vibrant and rich blue, yellow, orange, brown, and white hues bring the scene to life, highlighting the tall mountain and towering cactus. The agave plant adds a nice touch to the hot sandy terrain variations.

A large white cloud streaks across a melon-colored sun. This abstract art print is the perfect addition to any room in need of a touch of desert charm. Order yours today and transport yourself to this majestic and abstract Mojave Desert Mountain scene!

Print size: 12in. X 12in.

"Mojave Magic Mountains"
Abstract Landscape Art Print - limited release original art print.
Original art created in January 2023 by D. Christopher.

Cacti Art Prints, Mountain Art Prints, Abstract Mountain Art Prints

Mojave Magic Mountains, Abstract Landscape Art Print

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