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"Palouse Hills Weeping Cherry Tree" is a semi-surrealism landscape painting that captures the natural beauty of the Palouse region.

A weeping cherry tree in full bloom, its branches cascading up, down, and around in a waterfall of pink and white blossoms.

The tree is nestled in a rolling hillside of lush green Palouse grass. A deep dark green background with starts in the sky as twilight approaches.

In a waterfall of pink and white petals,
I stand with you, my love, as twilight settles.
To a place of beauty, serenity and peace

Where our hearts and souls find sweet release.

For you, my darling, my heart's delight
You are the cherry blossom in my sight.
As the petals fall like gentle rain,
My love for you will forever remain.

So let us stand beneath this tree,
And let its beauty set our hearts free
For in this moment, in this space
I vow to love you until the end of days.

Print size: 20in. X 12in.

"Palouse Hills Weeping Cherry Tree"
Semi-Surrealism Landscape Art Print - limited release original art print.
Original art created in January 2023 by D. Christopher.

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Palouse Hills Weeping Cherry Tree, Art Print

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